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The mortality in nephropexy is practically nil. Burnam finds that
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to conclude, that phthisis pulmonalis arises frequently from
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a strong solution, and placed it near me, thinking that the
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special nerves may receive the sonorous vibrations, yet the focal point
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However, when reactions of phagocytosis and inflamma-
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3 pigs on corn meal and shorts only. There was a total gain of 2.5
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other harsh or unsuitable substances for toilet purposes was doubtless
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administration of iodine should act curatively in pulmo-
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h. The absence of all to which the party herself was not
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days after his jaws ])egan to stiffen. Shoitly after his
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always by the stage of infiltration. All who have had ex-
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" 7, cont. 241 oz.Gr'd Stopper Bottles, with pockets, 11 50
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period of time most examinerships and teaching and Hospital
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may be of assistance to patients with serious visual
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ored fluid, often rendered milky by the presence of fatty granules,
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count was as follows: — polynuclear and transitional cells 68 to 82 per cent;
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19. A Case of Hematomyelia in the Cervical Cord. Artificial
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but is inclined to the opinion that very many of them are in reality
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These are but samples of cases that have been thoroughly investi-
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others who may feel the need of their admonishing precepts.
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community. I would rely upon you for leadership and for the
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The face type usually begins early in childhood, and the
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derness on pressure exists over the site of the liver. As regards the
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these lectures of Mr. Lee were singularly ill-timed as
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increased anasarca and diminution of urine for six weeks after
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smaU forms, which escape after the cyst-wall has disappeared, and
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20. Essentials of Bacteriology. By M. v. Ball, M. D. Fourth edition, revised.
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the arrival of the ship that was held to have brou^dit the plague; indeed,
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completely segmented into nine more or less separate pseudo-segments.
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gical details of the accident and its treatment. For seventeen days
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In another series of experiments the author sought for
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of origin and identity of nature; but while typhus was generated to some,
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Americans appear to be as go-ahead in life assurance work as they have
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seus muscles. If the lower extremities are involved, they have
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it may be in the head of the femur. How can he be so dealt
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The Late Br. Lewis H. Sayre.— At a meeting of the
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hold ; even the stamping upon instruments the name of the
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