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operation is indicated to relieve this increased intracranial pressure

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were passing througli his body and limbs ; he "cannot contain liimself," As

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more potent, and an influence more extensive than had ever been

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of the elbow ; and in them, six weeks' confinement in

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sponded by handing Stevens a lancet. Stevens declined, and

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be affected indirectly by syphilis, as in caries, necrosis, exostosis of the cranial bones,

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describe this case at some length in my next -experience, been of the granular, pulpy, or

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cases may be cured by it, all constitutional disturbance

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learn that the utility of any rules for investigating cases of >™gv q*n£

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pighian tufts and arteries are sometimes affected, according to Bartels,

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reaction. The brain substance for a varying distance around the abscess is

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subjects and the teaching of medicine afford plentj

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both general and local peritonitis is quite intense.

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and sagittal sutures. This patient became delirious

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The physician should use this information to help in

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its size ; the incision was then prolonged upwards by

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the result accepted in lieu of the cause. We may even

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over are crucial points in successful administration. In the main-

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stinking in odour and greenish in colour, while there is usually

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was in a general practice, they used to take no notice of the

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a state of softening, with evidence of renewed activity and dissemina-

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PBOGVOfiia. — The prognosis as to life is, upon the whole, favorable.

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tion, while tap water, especially in presence of ether,gave an intense and prompt

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London; Assistant Physician to King's College Hospital, and to the

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of its functions requires the perfect condition of its organization, and

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Union County, told me that, with incomplete returns, they had 9,000

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However, the " high a priori " scientists would have them

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orrhage. We suppose by this he means the danger in the per^

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1 Ctesalpinua Dscmonum Investi- 2 Ileimskringla, vol. ii. p 8.

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letters 2? inches in height) is about thirty feet. There

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with cool water; cups, and mush poultices to the bowels, when tenderness

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the sensations complained of seem to have no relation to any

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