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Neither can we explain it by any injury to the cord. There
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nation of the cause of the disease, as she believed tliis last child was
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" The Game of Life " for want of a better title. Call it what we may,
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eliciting a little momentary applause descending to
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fires, explosions, or biological, chemical, or radiological accidents).
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of consumption and rickets. This seems to have been
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tion is discussed from the standpoint cause in an ex-
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care of her husband, a paralytic She cries easily and '' troubles
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The spleen is enlarged, dark red in color, and softened. It is often two
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under treatment ; their prc^ess after the gypsum splint was removed,
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moditied the method by whitdi I employ suspension as a
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This special form of treatment merits the attention of
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a number of cases of spasm of the glottis in which there
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community with these muscles, forces the arytenoid carti-
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Dr. Gibbs relates * that the place in which the subjects at Oxford
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longer to be purchased in the fashionable boot shops nor in those cater-
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are referred to. Hyaline degeneration in the spleen is
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taken great interest in these cases, has recently presented
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the first principle in preserving the interosseous space. The two
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within the mouth, more particidarly during the first few days after