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way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else. — Ruskin.

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'* The third and last category includes two amputations of the thigh and two


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As regards hobnailed liver, more important than its treatment by medi-

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trorrhagia occurred in fl of about 40 cases wbich I have iu)alyn>d,;b .^^

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origin. It is now known that all exudates gradually become free

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The mitral valve was inflamed and thickened, and covered on its

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no difference was ever noticed in the surface temperature of

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sisted Dr. E. vvho undertook the duty himself. They opened the sto-

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girl. There was Rev. Dr. Mayflower, reenforced by two deacons

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ranging in the evenings from 110 to as high as 140. The temperature

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memory is likely to be more perfect than other forms of

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emphasis should be laid on the great personal loss the

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accompanied by the following history : Mrs. K. I. K.,

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fused the patient's skin looks like that of a Guinea negro. Of all the

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Syphilitic rectal stenoses are more common in women than in men.

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ceptional infections or infections in animals not used tor food do not

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peral erysipelas that "puerperal erysipelas occurs in

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Wiltshire, of England, in 1868, first made the diagnosis of rotated

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instinctively a tack opposite to all previous attempts.

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or bit by bit excision of a fistula, resorting to such

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ber of Commerce saluted him in 1976 with its service

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use of tannin, we must admit, is empirical, but it is of the greatest use in

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column and animated with a few respiratory movements. Since

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the blood and forming a plug, is equivalent to any accidentally

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ficient to eflect a speedy cure ; but whenever there was a full,

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were also tested against other bacilli than those which were agglu-