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Eagles of Aylesbury, and Mr. Thomas Warren of Prince's Risborough,
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tion he quotes a long and most interesting letter from
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Gooding. — On August 9th, at Heath Lodge, Elaclcheath, the wife of *Ralph
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that a man who has risen unaided and through his own
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the limb was punctured at its most prominent part ; some purulent
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matter has been insisted upon in the pages of this Journal it should now
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Exchange, Grey Street ; the Neville Hotel, Neville Street ; the Adelphi
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and from that time he had occasionally passed blood in his urine.
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destroyed. In the left cavity the tumour had not advanced so far
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blood-stream of infectious organisms or their toxins. These changes
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the "desiderium tarn cari capitis". In concluding, Mr. Burton wel-
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are comprised in the deaths from "other causes", which were no less
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and dry, no liquid exuding even on pressure. Under the microscope
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Baboo Keshue Chunder Sen referred to the position of the Indian gra-
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right shoulder, the parts were blistered, and the animal rested. No
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each lip ; the anterior third, being inflamed and greatly thickened,
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this article, when I experienced immediate relief. My cough was broken up at
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manied lady who, in the spring of 1864, caught scarlet fever from an
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Accept, sir, my profound regards, and highest sense of gratitude, for this new
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to be little changed, was cut through about three inches above the
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One theory regards it as a disease of nutrition, a cachexia. In the
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On examining the buccal cavity, considerable destruction of mucous
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swellings of the sheath. Even when of small size, or deeply situated,
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but not alvva)s, as may be seen in the table. It would therefore appear
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For the following notes we are indebted to Mr. A. Shewen, House-
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tionized the teaching of veterinary obstetrics even in the
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the cribriform plate of the ethmoid to the meninges of the brain.
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eroded on the surface, which presented, with the aid of a lens, a general
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dense, fibrous growth, showing on section here and there small caseous
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obtained a package of the mutilated torn leaves. He
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for years, gradually becoming more marked, though it may for a time
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clinique. It is a nine-year-old Percheron horse, with only one blemish,
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at last to physicians, who, whatever skill they had
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Act. — Mr. Swain said that, after an experience of several years, he
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what, therefore, I have seen of your skill, I shall recommend you to all I meet
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tions in a similar manner to hellebore and digitalis. This, then, is a
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The report from Ireland on Pancreatic Emulsion, by Dr. R. J. Kin-
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containing powdered ice were applied to the thorax, and renewed
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We know well, however, that there is no fixed proportion of action be-