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function of most of these zones is double ; the mouth serves both

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past rive years. He had frequent stools with mucus, some blood and a

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has given seven consecutive recoveries. While ordinarily such results

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manifestations of the disease are illustrated by numerous photographs.

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direction and disposition of the Board of Trustees. The

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minitsration of veronal as a sedative. Dionin does not produce a habit,

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bromid, thirty grains, twice daily for several years, the bromid was

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novelty lies in the combination of fasting with catharsis. A priori one

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respondingly slight effect. The influence of epinephrin, in-

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toms. Thus administered, the drug exerts a therapeutic influence, but

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eradicate the ankle infection by one means or another and this

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It is argued that when such cases are water borne, the ma-

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sents necessary expenditures incident to convening the

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interesting to note that he again had a remission, but less com-

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tect herself from the propagation of imbeciles, and from the

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to state that the articles referred to in both the Leader and Plain Dealer

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Atoxyl 10 per cent (sterilized), Ampules Solution Atoxyl 10 per cent

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Skoda, Oppolzer, Hebra and the great anatomist Hyrtl in

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pituitarism and Froehlich's syndrome as indicative of hypopituitarism.

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that the state of the chromatin is an index of the functional

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Giardia lamblia was determined as the cause in 15 per-

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Hospital, is chairman, has been formed to begin the work outlined, and

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hypertension. As an antihypertensive drug, Catapres

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than the therapeutic dose — will prevent the fall in temperature

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incidence of mental illness or the mentally ill became

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patient pay the combined price of the two for something that

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his head. He was not apparently seriously hurt. The next day

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variable into six categories. The inactive patients

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