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If the normal position of the organ were vertical, ptosis mi^t
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To use the eyes in a weak condition may result in changing an
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greatly exceeds in intensity that of more temperate climates,
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seems, therefore, that there are considerable differences in the
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tacle, fall senseless on the ground ; others, as happened lately
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that menstruation changes offer an obstacle to the process of
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traction was difficult, and attended with pain and slight haemorrhage. The
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roid. In these cases biopsy with a Silverman needle
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flammation of the gums was caused by micro-organisms,
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began the study of medicine, graduating in 1901. For two years he was
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nerve stimulates the destructive metabolism which is always going on in
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tozoon is the only one found ; in others the quartan ;
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off the arderior temporal arteries to the fore part
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report shall be prepared and submitted to the Section at the
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ral others in the United States ; it will never be conducted so well as it might
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lupous aleer by the common pyogenetic organisms may lead to a relatively
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should be employed during the operation, so as to avoid any injury to the
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tion are no doubt often absent, but where they exist,
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The New York Hospital Training School for Nurses.—
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than half as high as the other. Passive motion in these
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speedily progressive, proceed with the next medicine.
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more detailed account appearing in our Society Reports.
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was not dislocated ; in eight no note of its position. Several cases
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particularly eczema of the horse and dog. It is locally
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Describe the structure, course, and relations of the ureter
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Now we must look for causes second, fifth, and tenth.
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of extension are various, according to the strength of the ligaments and the posi-
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ain being referred to the situation of the disease, and extending down
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Dr. L. J. McXamara of New York county, an Original Fellow.
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none upon the face. These ecchymoses were nearlj' all about the size
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plague bacillus when exposed to the radiation from a carbon arc.
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Changes Leading to Healing which takes Place in Lupus,
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the asylum, and consequently traversed only the ground already
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something I would like to have you notice particularly, because we
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exogenous origin are characterised by early affection of the nerve-cells
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brane, the vascular system, and the nerve-supply of the
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much enlarged and contain in their centres numerous large, lightly
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In kyphoscoliosis tepid baths are indicated. The heart condition demands
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of certain remedial measures ? Will it ever happen that watching
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responding condyle of the tibia. The articular car-