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quickly injure the constitution, and leave it in a state to be acted upon
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that the pulse are full and hard ; the face Ousbed, and the animal heat
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fact detailed to me by Dr. Holland, of Queen street, May-Fair. A
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ceases, while the heart continues to act, the blood not arterializc^>cireu- 1
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Chronic catarrh of the stomach can be beneficially treated by stomach-
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referred to except to point out that it is far from being discredited by all
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tube ; in two others, it is not stated whether the patients had suffered
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which arise in the uveal tract, and is almost invariably of the pigmented
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It appears, therefore, that the initial inflammatory lesion of syphilis spreads
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a late phenomenon, and in an acute case death often occurs within twenty
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normal serum or normal saline is macle in the same manner.
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ly, in the legislature, to forward Dr. Woodward's project of erecting a
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many obstacles, that for a time seemed to preclude its publication. The
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exhibited by the examination of a single tree. The mathematical rules
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of post-mortem examinations has been small. In those which have been
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substances therefore must be given. Milk with white of egg answers very
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the " Grangore Act," which ordered all the inhabitants of Edinburgh
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morbid wakefulness, accompanied with delirium treme7isĀ» Young ladies
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In children especially, " creeping pneumonia " is apt to occur, successive
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gency. He had a forethought of all possible contingencies and demands
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the melanotic growths. The sooner a growing pigmented mole is removed
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that lead -poisoning is much more likely to be caused by the continual
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steps, had difficulty in rising from a chair, and could not mount a stair
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through its ordinary metastases and period. In a few instances tbe
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abnormal enlargement of bladder flomax
appropriate treatment is obvious. In a few cases of tetany due to other
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stages of the disease, and later' on paraldehyde, given freely. Before drugs
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root ; (3) an even incrustation of whole root, becoming attenuated towards
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to which we must frequently have recourse in the late stages of the
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cured. The last Annual Report mentioned the fact, that Dr. Luther V.
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along with a sensation of constriction in the throat. Violent vomiting
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situated and distributed upon the posterior surface of the gland. It
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cases is required to be continued for several hours. By this bmbH^
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of the symptoms. In one case muscular atrophy, in another sensory
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miscarriage. Two grains of phosphorus have proved fatal. Match heads
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is peculiar to the tuberculous subject. The haemoptysis which precedes
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matter, which is soluble only in water ; it contains resin, soluble in alco-
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perance associations. The efiects would be lastingly beneficial, and
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iris has regained its natural mobility and color. The ulcer of the cornea
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In 85 cases of this kind, 7 presented ulcerations, smaller than the large
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out any perceptible benefit. The epistaxiswas almost entirely suppress-
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much enhanced therapeutic value accrues in chronic catarrh cases ; but as
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bones, and is due to a proliferation of the cartilage cells with an increased
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more common in adults than the generalised condition, which is commoner
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