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disease, in uncomplicated cases, is quickly self-limited, and in
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and worked without complaint until Nov. 14. Her face
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reform, what is happening to relationships with patients and the
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course unanimously adopted by the practitioners of this
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cussed by Dr. F. W. Ross, of Elmira, Dr. H. E. Allison, of Wa-
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calming remedies, would in most cases take the edge off
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and By-Laws, which were approved and their presentation to the
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their reports. Five of these committees responded ;
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the "Home for Incurables," at Fordham. This was in 1881,
metanx side effects dizziness
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is done you will see a spasm probably of both legs and arms,
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ishment of this truth, no longer assailable: frank pneu-
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facts in medicine. Digitalis is considered a pure seda-
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requisite. My advice is that you apply the spirits of turpentine
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Allen, Charles S., Greenbush, Rensselaer Co. Founder.
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1940s, the same company marketed Benzedrine Sulfate
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man of temperate habits and regular course of life ;
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21st. The vacancy in the Executive Committee caused by the re-
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17th century, to our own, although great advances were