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back to the third century of our era, was found to be specially
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tbat the matter should be laid fully before the members of the
Tlie instrument is now made in a still more effective form.
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Take any simple cell, such as a white blood corpuscle or
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the chair. The motion before the Society was :— " That every
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The President agreed that so far as he had been enabled
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ctassh, public charity, cremation are all lucidly dealt with in
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tures in various parts of the country to persons wishing to
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took more than one voyage, sometimes venturing on a fresh
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diagnosis, and more might be learned by means of the finger
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Sir, — I am directed hv tlie Secretary of State for India in
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Vulgaris extending over half the left ala of the nose,
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GENERAL HOSPITAL, Birmingham —Pathologist Salary, £!20 per
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tional spinal paralysis must be placed in some other category.
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base hypoxanthine (C-H|N,0);an intermediate stage in the
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irresistibly recall the small duodecimo published about the beginning of
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afl'ection of hearing. The diphtheritic processes were more
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and it is asserted that for the reason above stated the sale of
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such destruction at lower temperatures than that of boiling. We are
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districts, by the method of vaccine immunity discovered and
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junafiected, or being only secondarily injured. These clinical
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tered injections should be tried with a view to the washing
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of by the First Division of the Court of Session on February
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which has been laid before the House of Commons, and of
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In the discussion which followed, the President, Drs.
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tered to perform the operation. The coroner said that,
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could not bend his hands, and it was found that he had wrist-
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into the blood of certain substances. Would, however, the-
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at the houses of Sir James Paget, Sir John Lubbock, Professor
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(18o4-71) the annual deaths fell to 817, and when it was en-
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and 7, St. Paul's Churchyard, E.G., some samples of " triti-
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INSANITAHY STATE OF GtOKGiTcwN.— The Hon. Dr. Grieve, Surgeon-
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I think these two cases tend to show that in the useful, if
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reason of this is very obvious when we remember how difli-
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other departments the rest of their time ; in fact, the opinion
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tlie vaccination was performed before infection, and those in