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complied with the requirements of Par. 2, S. O. 29, Ai)ril 24,

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bral, club-foot and other deformities of the feet, bow-leg, knock-knee, coxa vara,

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the levee] has improved the health of those living near the place."

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tartar or argol that collects on the sides of casks of

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knew so little, but that he had learned so much. It is to be

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ber of stools were diminished, and the griping ceased. When the dose

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sidered by Dr. Lamb a further pi'oof of the presence of lead.

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number of the deatlis from whooping-cough in that week in each of the

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human misery. And when these j)henomena were not under-

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patients are liable to chronic peritonitis irrespective of the presence of

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necessary to elucidate the text, illustrations will be provided

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arteriosa. Gazz. med. di Torino, 1898, xlix, 3UI ; 325. —

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The most characteristic condition in Charcot's joint disease

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for treatment, and I hope others will give their experiences on them too. One

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advance when in the spring of 1879 Prof. Klebs, of Prague, and Prof.

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hand, local morbid conditions incident to the growth of the tumors, namely,

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the importance of the antitoxic action of the thyroid mechanism, and

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supererogation. Moreover, as the popular mind has been directed to this

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intimidation he decided not to thrash the entire Com-

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begins on the nose and tongue; the feet, the hands,

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Methadone is now employed in three distinct ways in medicine: (1) as a

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The subject of Alimentation is treated of in four chapters.

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occasions an accumulation of blood within the cavities of the right side

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While the history and the fever may aid in the diagnosis of smallpox,

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blood. One effect of cupping undoubtedly is, that in

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Burdick of Chicago, and D. S. Fairchild of Clinton,

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subcrepitant rCde indicates the degree of the change, though they may its

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almost can be given up, and this is m}- excuse for putting

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canal in cases of sterility or dysmenorrluea arising from steno-

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3,398; and fourth, 2,861. By sexes: Males, 5,823; females, 5,746. By

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sults can be secured in districts where the number of school children is

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