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Deynaud, on the Sany-bel River, Florida, found him labouring under symp-
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Has been subject to palpitation for fifteen or sixteen years, more espe-
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statistics of Havana for March, Major Gorgas, the chief
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re-vaccination, during a period of five years, in the kingdom of Wirtemberg.
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great, owing to a long walk she took to and from the city — distance three
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others could not be traced to any particular exciting cause, and probably de-
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sanitary authorities rather than with the police. He de-
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may have their lives prolonged and cease to be u source of
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Bartheleky. — ^A case of injury from X-rays is described, a
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still, to our taste, too much effort in the composition, and too much attempt
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3d. Thai the sugar was sandy which was put in his tea.
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schools, 13.8 years (1342) ; in clerks 14 years (800); in the
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giving any evidence or appreciation of the impending
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ing has not yet closed, although eight or ten weeks have elapsed since the
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10, on the shaved scalp three or four times a day. He sug-
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times follows either of these. The Whitehead operation is
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and furfuraceum — looked upon it as due to granular
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stances are sterilized with comparatively little heat. ' A num-
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of our intellects and the iifysteries that are all about us, we
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can be used with oil or water and may be sterilized by
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vent the contracting of the disease, but will not be a certainty.
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having been the mere operator, but am perfectly satisfied with the pleasing
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case diarrhoea continued for some time, but the patient was ultimately dis-
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ferent kinds of fluid extracts prepared by the processes of the
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Epilepsy. — M. S., setat. 28. Amenorrhoea for some time. Was sent
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Fact Confirmatory of Phrenology. 5. Phrenology in Germany, No 1.
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special tolerance for this drug. He also uses Fowler's solu-
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advanced that the vertex touched the perinseum ; when she again became
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but apparently an increase in the proportion of reds
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found was not produced in the intestine, nor that it may
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following authoritative statement may be made. The accounts