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Site — ^In all cases the disease originated in the antrum.

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ture. In simple cases produced in this way, the symptoms are mainly

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the swallowing of corrosive or irritant poisons. Infective gastritis

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may be at the umbilicus, or lower ; the surface can often be felt to be hard

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vinegar in which they were laid -, then to walk him

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the chest and excite a paroxysm of coughing. Under the guidance

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not to push the cold bath too far, or to depress a failing heart by

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book is timely, written with authority, niul cNidently intended for

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The spheres, whether crescent-derived or directly escaped from the

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but various forms of bacteria. The oidium is seen in the form of hyphse

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will be atta<'h(Hl to the University of Toronto Base Hospital at

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is fometimes very violent in it's operations, and what

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The whole of the tongue may become inflamed, as when a powerful

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points are the previous history, the other symptoms of growth, especially

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larged and somewhat tender, but subsequently it commences to shrink, a

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appears to be one of acute miliary tuberculosis of the membrane with a

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Treatment. — When hepatitis declares itself, and before suppuration

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and in heavy and unsuitable clothing. Many cases of sunstroke occurred ;

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chronic gout. They should never, however, be given in sufficient quantities

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in the histology of malaria, and which, unless in the spleen and bone

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although weakened, were not paralysed. The appearance of the hands

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