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Successful and Energetic Work for Two — Quick, Self -Possessed and Fearless Attend-
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plexy ; and George II. of a rupture of the right ventricle of
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plication that we have in burns of the first and second degree. But it is in
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mixed with an ounce of whiskey, in mistake for castor oil. The
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of nitrous ether, with two drachms of camphor, in a pint
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latter occurred in 33 out of 8216, or 1 : 249 ; so that actually, spontane-
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tympanic cavity was lined with red thickened mucous membrane, which could
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country and with whom she could stay out late at night.
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and bounding, the respiration deep and stertorous, the skin hot and
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sentenced by the Hon. William A. Anderson, Judge of
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Cases of iodoform intoxication are not nearly as frequent now
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A New Operation for Amputation of the Foot. — In the same num-
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of the tube. The practical surgeon will see that the
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of the case of Joseph Meister has now become classical. This lad, nine
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upon the relative disproportion of the polymorphonuclear percent-
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was 102 ; to-day it is ioi°. Examination per rectum reveals a little
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mi^n who came af^er me, to return and carry him through
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him milk and water, and cold water to drink. If he be older,
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essential features in well-marked cases are practically very much alike
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Paul Bourget draws a striking picture of this elderly millionaire,
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I prescribed full dose of castor oil and Glyco-Heroin (Smith) in
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