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lead lotion in ointment will hasten the cure. In the chronic cases
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tints of purple with ulterior changes. The hands and feet are often cold,
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the various drinks belonging to other guests, and then falls in a fit.
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He drew attention to the close resemblance of the rings and gyrate
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Locally, various irritant applications may be used, perhaps chrysarobin
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" certified," notwithstanding that more manifest symptoms may be antici-
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growths, except some superficial excoriation. If an incision be made
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giving a purplish or cyanosed aspect to the affected parts. The same
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—32. Medical Record, Feb. 22, 1890.— 33. Muneo. J. Cut. and Gen.-Urin. Dis.
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of ringworm (" Trichophytie accessoire des teigneux " of Besnier).
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same bed to check masturbation. Saline purgatives will probably be
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side of the face, more especially on the central portions. These tumours
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These repeatedly negative experiences look decisive enough ; but, as Lang
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therefore exerting suction, no air is drawn into the stem,
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that in the case of a prisoner under sentence of death, if it appears to a
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whom the condition supervened shortly after the death of his wife, which
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but occasionally it is seen in the young, without any history of exposure
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feet being almost completely free. In all these anomalous cases, not
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and chronicity are sufficiently characteristic. The fibro-neuroma may be
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in hysteria, namely, reduction in the extent of the fields of vision.
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due to the extensive destruction wrought by the powerful caustics used
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years, or always. This fact, together with the acceptance of untrust-
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ence, fixed him with a keen glance, and then answered,
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invasions of pyogenetic cocci ; and the great frequency with which such
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olden time, something more must be said of Messenger
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night meal should be the most plentiful. The best supper is oatmeal
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strated. Mere learning by rote is of little avail; and in the education of
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Exposure to cold is commonly regarded as a cause of the affection ; •
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Palmar eczema generally affects both hands, but may be confined to those
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The lesions found in Morvan's disease practically consist in sup-
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ber and variable in size and are stained purplish-red.
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by papillary hypertrophy (L. verrucosus). Its base is usually indolent;
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granted; the test was made in September, 1846, in the
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brought forward, of whom usually the exhibitor has his suspicions, and
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1874, xii. p. 434.-26. Pye-Smith. Trans. Clin. Soc. 1892, vol. xxv. p. 84 (plate).—
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peculiarly susceptible to particular poisons. In my opinion neurotic
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much depressed below the surface, occur frequently in irregular groups,
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they work well with a little tar tincture and salicylic acid. Gallanol is
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Dr. Althaus describes the case of a lady, aged thirty-four, who had