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of the author's " Medical and Physiological Commentaries"

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application is but slightly modified. A little partial we opine. The

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of the removed bone. The second case I have never met since

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" Quoth Kneller, ' I'll certainly stop up that door,

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It must be confessed that the infinitesimal doses he uses, of all these multitu-

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pleted by craniotomy. Insanity and great disturbance of the

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will enable us to resort to it and prescribe it with a greater degree

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Are these several results indicative of any diversity in the

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action was produced, with sedative doses of quinine. Giving it — no

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the cases I see now-a-days, however, do not seem to at all require

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formed me this state of things had existed for the last five years,

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pleasure are caused by the most sanguine anticipations of success in every

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is the condition of the rima glottidis, or entrance into the windpipe ? Is it

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The stethoscope of Dr. Cammann presents, as will be seen by

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constitute a course ; one third of the last term in each year to be

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spermatozoa, spermatic animalcules* or spermatic filaments;

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The infant took the disease and passed regularly through it. All the rest

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attachment, some twenty -five or thirty times, I had the un-

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cold spells being apparently attributable to the depressing influ-

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tion at Ann Arbor would be as much out of place as the medical depart-

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ease. The vagina was very small, and its mucous membrane highly enrru-

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In these two experiments the subject appears to have been, more

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§ 222 h, p. 107-116, § 225-234, p. 295, § 476 a, p. 318, § 493

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The work before us is then nothing more than an ingenious device for