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Physiologists attribute this to the uterus receiving its nerves from the
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tions are for a prescription to correct asthenia, neurasthensia or nerve exhaustion,
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these were not necessarily of bacterial production.
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mat. Ass. 1895, N. T., 1896, xix, 153-159.— Aiiiiei (N.) Di
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unnatural sensation, but no pain in the left parietal region; no swelling of the eyelids is
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if there is no sign of fever, convulsive symptoms are apt to follow,
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In response to inqiiiriesi by Dr. Ihill and T)r. Iloberts, Dr.
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powers of inhibition, until the limit is reached and the mind
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have eventually become a polypus of the uterus. Here were two tumom-s,
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Mr. Clendon took wax and gutta percha impressions of the mouth,
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I had a letter from this poor woman recently, and she speaks with delight
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or a light sleep or a deep sleep is induced, and the
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pavement, for a city with dirt streets and insufficient drainage
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OF THE Arteries. — Prof. Gubler communicates to a
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believe that the presumption is in favor of a positive answer ;
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of chronic articular rheumatism in women are gonorrhceal. The dis-
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of unknown origin and unknown nature. H. D. Tlolleston sug-
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Dn. Wm. K. Bi.ce, I^ouisville, gave a detailed description of
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reached his^destination. After a temporary fatigue of two days
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amount of sickness, especially of a zymotic character.
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since the commencement of the Registration Act. A compansoQ
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