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nated favorably, although the intestine was extremely discolored. On

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filter, and the filtrate tested ; dilution of part with water gives no pre-

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Psoriasis. — The diet in these cases should be that recommended for

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many drugs as cholagogues, diaphoretics, diuretics, etc., is founded on

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Animals probably had a power in discriniinating noxious smelU and

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by an experimentally caused inflammation, no other result has yet been

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to say in what proportion of cases they are absent, since in the panic of

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the combined influence of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and, owing

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be incomplete, and a fatty debris left behind, which may eventually

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of this supposition. Firstly, this attenuating effect is not a constant

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Dr. Wilks has observed, a characteristic rosy colour. The peritoneal

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and others in the latter half of the sixteenth century, led eventually to

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and there was complete absence of the reaction of degeneration from such

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it is with some hesitation that I allude to any possible exceptions. In

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even indirectly, contagious. A good example is cholera. The germs leaving

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nerves in locomotor ataxy by chronic inflammatory changes, why do

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commas may be attached so as to form an S ; spirals, even of great length,

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cal changes present ; yet practically in selecting a drug we have always

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exceedingly irksome and induce headache and faintness. Another diffi-

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of exercising and of stimulating to contraction any paralysed muscle or

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more because there is ample evidence to show that diphtheria has not

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electrodes at the ends of an ordinary foot-bath of wood or earthenware

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The grand desideratum, therefore, if it be necessary to continue the

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Diseases of China. — The latitude of China being without the tropics, it is

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appointed. The same premium was paid by each applicant, whatever

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"For the majority of cases, then, Wunderlich's observations on the tempera-

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the retina being the cause of the sensation or perception of the outward

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This disease is directly or indirectly contagious for all healthy guinea-

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Eberth (1880) discovered a peculiar bacillus in the organs of persons

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the limbs and joints. The skin remains persistently yellow, and it is

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has been found useful. Coffee and cocoa are commonly preferable to

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SYNONYMS. — Gastric Fever, Typhoid Fever, Pythogenic Fever; Fr.

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hernial apparatus, should be presented to the public hereafter ; but it is