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ber of the North American Review will contain a calm, dignified
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mental as well as physical), especially when several of these stigmata co-
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J. Shaw, Clapham Road COLLKdK PRIZE £20, iiud Certificate of
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pericardium seldom exhibits itself under such unequivocal
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here and there, from one side to the other, etc. In
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ments within the uterine canal and uterus. The most
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ongoing preliminary study involving five states (the
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increased material and physical prosperity widens its dominion.
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favorably influenced by a few antiperiodic doses of quinin during
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the true, or exanthematic form of the disease), the contents of the ves-
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dilated, the surface was cold, the pulse feeble and very variable
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pulmonary or heart disease, it must be remembered, contraindi-
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movable kidney or traumatic displacement, which is a true
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ened from the hypnosis, after five minutes she remem-
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In the Apothecaries' Company vs. Nottingham,* tried
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all and in each case exalgin produces its curative effects. Again, in many cases of
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the result of exaggerated organic activity, mflammatory
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his fellow workers must be conversant on health problems. There are
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of Venereal Diseases in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New
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insufficiency of the aorta, in the fact that the arterial pressure is
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Frequently, marked benefit, as regards the bronchitis, is derived from
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this state of profound paralysis for a variable length of time, depend-
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removal of polypi and granulations, .thus diminishing or preventing
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(vi.) The extension of the disease to the medulla may cause symptoms
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cases begin either by a direct hernia of the laryngeal or
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