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establish a Pathological Museum at the Hospital. Whereupon

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ment of Justice will probably take action against J. W.

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the abdominal wall; very frequently the omentum is rolled up and

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suffering from smallpox insisted on leaving the workhouse,

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a system, the imperfections of which must be manifest, even to

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dividual cases. In addition, dietetic and regimenal measures are indi-

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ling and crackling sounds, also, are significant, provided they be limited

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and backache, and a good deal of vomiting, something like

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is a stout shabby little volume of pamphlets on both

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whom later typical patches of alopecia areata developed.

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the body. The zymotic process is more gradual, and the symptoms

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seated — very seldom to the extent of retching or vomiting ; and this state of

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glycerine and distilled water, lactic acid and glycerine and water,

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cent, of its blood even if the fluid be replaced, and there is no deficiency

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The lower fragment is very commonly drawn towards the radius

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is hardly necessary to reapprise the reader that Dr. Hays is the editor,

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It consists of hemiancesthesia, with pain, on the opposite side, with certain

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presses himself not in the obscure latinity of sci-

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some glycerine to the water and syrup in which the drug

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out thence came divers little Worms, whereof, and of corrupt

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an entirely similar action to that of salt, vinegar, or weak acids; that

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