Uses For Cardura

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at the same time that it did irreparable mischief, it opened up its way of
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of this livelihood shall not be lowered from the standards that
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the stomach remaining are promptly discharged into the small
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ent places, and to the importance of exact descriptions of any local peculi-
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cornea of animals, with a slight contraction of the pupil, followed by dilata-
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The P. M. of the 8th day showed another rise of temperature, which
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published in the American Journal of Obstet., March, 1917. The
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Symptoms of dysentery are familiar to any one who has ever
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Anatomical Lesions of the Organ of Hearing in Endocranial
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comfort in the ear. The hearing remains unaltered, viz., about six
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been described. The persistence of the anorexia is a noteworthy feature.
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ative of my own, who is a member of the profession. I hap-
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they were old enough, I bred them in and in (brother and sister), keep-
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Purkinje cells of the cerebellum. (See Fig. 8.) The results for
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that it may occur. To one who is somewhat incredulous as to the exist-
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B. The Sick Child, divided into the child sick with digestive
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sicians to await later manifestations or the progress of the infection
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cated by other tumors, as hardly to be included among the callosal ones ;
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rectum can occur from the extension of chancrous pus." But
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third day a half ounce mag. sulph. is given, and at 7 A. m. an oil
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this ointment w^U agree with the author that most apothecaries dispense
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of trauma, etc., could produce a stricture. The only question
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thinness of the sac wall, and asked if this was usually the case
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(1888). The clinical symptoms depicted by many of these writers are, as fol-
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York, etc. With seven full-page colored plates and two hundred and three
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vomiting might take place during the crisis. Memory had long become
uses for cardura