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organism, may possess the agglutinogenic molecules c, d, e, f, g, and h, and
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differences, and there is much to support this view. Elmassian, Luzzatto,
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Abscesses. — Xo part of the body where abscess may occur is exempt.
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Simple distilled and ordinary water are noxious to the
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ways; as by anorexia, by pain (as in infections of the pharynx and buccal
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possible complication. With the onset of pneumonia the rate may rise but
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vary greatly with the position of the patient. jNIicroscopically the sputum
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injury to the eyesight. In fatal cases, however, there have been a few in
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greater degree of dulness and the sense of resistance is much more marked.
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In the early stages it may be difficult to differentiate typhoid fever and
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political and local conditions, and the lack of power to enforce them, they
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pyrethrum, tobacco, or sulphur. The sleeping-room selected must be as
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curs only in extremely rare cases, the substance which was
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be given for its antipyretic effect, and it may perhaps have some influence
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consider the higher temperature as favorable, bespeaking a vigorous reaction,