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medicine, probably salicylates. One patient had a con-

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swallowing, but on examining the throat, we find a dusky redness

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what upon the dose. Five grains in tuberculosis does not always give appre-

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piece was as follows: — "Presented to Mr. P. H. Banks,

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of the aneurism, and to tie above and below the wound in the artery; or

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Thymol is a good antiseptic, for it prevents the development of

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disease, whilst such widely separated counties as Roxburgh,

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Donald's remarks, to the entirely different point of view taken by the

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two alarming complications, septicaemia and hemorrhages in

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gomery. {A System of Surgery, edited by T. Holmes, M. A., voL i.,

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to that of the maximum nor to that of the minimum arterial blood-

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Murphy button applied to the posterior wall, as has been now numbers of

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may be embarrassed by the pericardial adhesions. Friedreich's sign,

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through the skin. It seems possible, therefore, that an intermediate host

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to be more rapid in mild weather than in very cold weather. (May 10,

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only those who inbreathe the imported poison ; and that

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Constipation is usually present but is less obstinate than in cases of

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the ascending colon and one- half the transverse colon. Associated

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Dr. G. C. Paoli thought there was no doubt jaundice

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quote the words of the clerk : " The old idea of its being a degradation or a

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eminently of Head^^ that we are indebted for establishing the general

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for discussion of the relation of pathology to the practice of

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ably. Sight is often diminished, and muscular paralyses and nystagmus

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ment of Diphtheria." Following this, Mr. Leuke read some

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sessed by the carotid, and the ease with which it was torn," were