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lation of the earliest medical document that we possess from
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chronic irritation by gall-stones. It is also not imconmion for it to
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bladder, which has been previously distended, is hooked up,
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tion of the colon with normal saline solution, to which may be added
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be had on application to the Office, 429, Strand, W.C.
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becomes evident that cancer may occur in any part of the body, a fact
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air enters that lung, the nostril on the affected side collapses; while
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ofl'er the greatest opposition, and constitute her worst enemies.
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confounded with similar formations in acute rheumatism. All along
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as had been used for " linear extraction'' of soft cataract.
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342 cases out of which there were 314 cases of great ameliora-
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tient. On the other hand, its extension into the bronchi and smaller
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be made responsible tor the strict and unvarying applica-
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concave disks, which constitute the chief mass of the red corpuscles
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Treatment. — ^We have no specific against tuberculosis either in
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isud the whole is embedded in a layer of asbestos packiug,
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to quote questions he had asked in Parliament regarding
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on inebriates, with the thorough-going recommendations for
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cholera actually comes the Conservancy Board may be more
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a word in any language, though she could hear and speak as well as
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in diabetes in man when the diet is poor in carbohydrates — even in
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like the letter "T/' One branch enters the spinal cord via the pos-
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50 per cent, of the fever and diphtheria cases requiring ad-
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necessary for us to state that we are willing to receive and
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ihAt small-pox has attacked those localities in epidemics with all its
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trols the eyelids by the speculum, holding them slightly off
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tion for purposes of registration is concerned, the Society of
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on the man who has borne the heat and burden of the day
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muscles fail to oxidize it the sugar accumulates in the blood until it is
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even when extensive fat necrosis surrounded the abscess. The
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comfort was done with rare fidelity and devotion. He was
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at Leavesden is nor, only VHluable in itself, but poss' s-es a
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Haht, D. Berry. M. D. The Extraperitoneal Development of Extrauterine
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injury — the catheter was removed, but I have introduced an
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rheumaticus in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients affected with
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year to escape this trouble. In the Adirondacks, also, it may be due
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would be designated "autogenous" to distinguish it from "stock vac-