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there was an epidemic at Bezieres, in which the contamination
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glance, as they told me, by the flattenning of the left side of the chest,
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but that is, perhaps, several years in the fu- found wanting.
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erothlaufes und die Schutzimfung. Berliner thierarz. Wochen. (1897).
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heavily infested with hookworm larva?, and I have found more constant than almost any
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a revulsive and sedative than the sulphate of copper, depleting
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&c. &c. Second edition, revised and partly re-written. Lon-
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Thymoline in hot water every hour until five doses were taken,
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a component society of this society, or that organization not in conflict with tliis Con-
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as already stated, actinomycosis rarely occurs. Here, as in
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these muscles is called trismus or " lockjaw." According to
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fever, pneumonia, or scarlatina, congestive also. It will not be
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