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oral speech. Word blindness and word deafness are simple intellectual troubles
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(1) .^hat are tNs two <^neral classifications of cheese?
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id) Industry sanitary standards, sucn as those of the Evaporated Milk
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medal and a prize of hoohs, to be awarded to the student who does best
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tice of Medicine, Principles and Practice of Surgery, Obstetrics, Clinical
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actual cautery. The use of the latter in spondylitis has even to-day warm
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science or medical students. Science Exhihitione : Two awarded annu-
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motor neurons from the processes of slow and slighter atrophy in paralyses
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vote or hold office. The several district sodeties appoint not less than three
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dominion of morbid delusions, and these often mirror themselves in the out-
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7. In conclusion we may call attention to the fact that, on examination of
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is seen in this disease alone. If only two of these symptoms are present, but
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may be ascribed to direct compression of the vessels : and equally hard to say
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dition as to their becoming students of the Hospital, except in the case
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We may also mention in this place hysterical pains. They can scarcely be
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ingestion of too large a quantity of albuminoids, is strongly provocative of the
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b. For overseas sftiomtnts, inspoct a mtnlnHun of 10 cases ft^n ear^^ 1c-.
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- A iws»»c? knowledge $C^^e v^'af? ^^eo oio«# rft^.^e ^ tvei kno.#j^e ^or a swbiect not dtrecfiy f«lote4 ro
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13. Copper (Blue Vitriol, Verdigris). — Acute copper poisoning: Copper
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Anatomy Class, may either take the Senior Anatomy Class in the
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Carl Frederick Huth, Dean of University College, Cobb Lecture Hall, Room 202;
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of the depressive state of dementia precox by the fact that the patient recog-
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migraine often seems to be connected with diseases of the nose, especially with
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of the disease, in which it is better to divide the whole course into several
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tions can no longer be expected; on the contrary, there is generally an unmis-
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her is of romantic, chivalrous devotion ; the sexual element has little or no part
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will decide the amount and character of the research required, and in appropriate cases
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written or printed optical signs — letters, script, numbers, etc. Here also we