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seems to indicate a much greater unwillingness on the part of

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expectant mother who is the wife of an able-bodied man may not, however

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his offspring, but it is a ten-fold saving to keep clear

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1 Behring and Wernicke : "Ueber Immunisirung und Heilung von Versuchthieren bei der

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admitted to consist in some perversion of the glycogenic function in the body,

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scribed ischiemia or amemia is the primary morbid effect; hence, t^miwritry

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allowed to remain, it cannot fail to become a source of trouble

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ing on the stability of the peroxidases of milk, as -shown by Storch's

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But few cases of close observation will be necessary

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the loss of the same two special senses, the integrity of this

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species tumors containing hairs may occur, not those, however, in which

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minutes after the bite of daboia, extensive thrombosis is found in the

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nodes are enlarged and evidently tuberculous, the best treat-

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ollows from the action of a chemical poison (sepsin). The blood during

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about the worst thing that can be left in a wound which is not completely

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while an increase of the decomposing changes liberates a

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change of temperature ; and it cannot be kept in good

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first sound. 1. Sufficient viscidity of the blood. 2. Sufficient

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and the insane being that the mentally healthy mind cor-

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Used for Buried Sutures ; Operative Recovery ; Death from

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and subsequently worked its way into the carotid artery.

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and then, as a rule, only when adhesions are present.

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that after ligature of the artery this dilatation occurs when the blood is allowed

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chloroform left. The third column shows the same test with 12 oz.,

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chives of Neurology and Electrology, Vol. I., No. 1, May, 1874.

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The bath treatment does not only aim at removing complications which

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the active principle of Squills, may be added with advantage. Caf-

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practitioner, but if he wishes not to overlook important data he

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stated,^ in conversation with the author, that from a series of (unpublished) experi-

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Fourth. The existence of complications, inflammatory in their nature,

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many of the details. At the best I readily conceive that it would require considerable modi-

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203 West Carpenter • Benton, AR 72015 • (501) 778-5416

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Definition. — Influenza is an acute contagious disease probably caused

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from the disease at both these periods, and remains free from it during

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Dr. G. F. A. Spencer, president ; Drs. Lamson Allen and E. A.

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entirely at variance with him. If by it he means congestion^

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that measures of relief are more often called for in this connection.

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perhaps be allowed a doubt whether all these cases would stand criticism.

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The following day, at nearly the same level, twenty-

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compressor was used nor blanching mixture, the lamp was

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