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250 cases of chronic phthisis found the larynx affected in 101, or in 40*4

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catarrh or chronic bronchial catarrh present in an infant directly or

amoxicillin 875/clav k 125 mg tab

the abdomen, which is seldom more marked in the right iliac fossa

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the liver, is very rarely the seat of caseous or chronic tuberculosis. One

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Rest and exercise. — When continuous fever is present, absolute rest

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disorder of the stomach, in order to decide exactly what function is

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The most common tumour is a transverse bar-like mass situated

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and as good as the patient can digest, and animal food should be partaken

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of any symptoms which can be ascribed to fatty degeneration of the liver.

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The TJiird Great I'lat/iie. A Discussion of Syphilis for Everyday

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the presence of emphysema, the varying state of distension of the stomach

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"If the serum is administered to contacts not later than the fifth

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infectant. It is, however, by no means clear that any of the drugs which

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amount of fluid and salt intake should be in accordance with the

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Care should be taken not to mistake foreign bodies, such as fibres of

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Tuberculous tumours of the cord are rare, but are more common in the

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rather hard patches, usually varying in size between a pin's head and