Amantadine Mechanism Of Action In Multiple Sclerosis

fever, tick fever, syjihilis, yaws, granuloma pudendi,
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were insufflated into the jugular within one minute, 30 c.c.
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amantadine mechanism of action in multiple sclerosis
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25. Samuell. Texas State Journal of Medicine. October.
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the Ijlood is retarded : the secretions are diminished,
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acute infections, we might seek for rational treat-
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the City of Buffalo: Typhoid fever, 35 cases, 11 deaths;
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met in annual session in Plattsburg, on Tuesday, November
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generacy occurs in the young, and is very frequently
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and extent of the possible fracture are determined.
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.\ssistant Visiting Surgeon to the Boston City Hospital,
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Combes, A. C. — Combes's Day Book and Ledger for Phy-
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Its specially sedative action on the circulation, and
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Case. F. M., white, male, aged eighty, was admitted to
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Lougarre. — In Moreauville, Louisiana, on Sunday, Au-
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Russia, has claimed already upward of 100,000 victims, is
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Case XVII. Male; set. forty-four. Iridochoroiditis ;
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Dr. jEdward A. Whitmore, of Leadville ; Dr. Jacob C.
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apply only to workmen engaged in manual or mechanical
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