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cell masses. In this case the tumor is largely cellular. It is then soft

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bending of the neck of the femur, usually laterally.

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pend upon the amount of lung involved, since double pneumonia may

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the nephritic inflammation is due to the reflex influence of the nervous

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Percussion may show the right auricle to be greatly enlarged, and car-

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"When si<in diseases alternate with attacks of asthma, arsenical preparations

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evidences of pus formation. The enlargement of the bone, the redness

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parenchymatous inflammation the cells undergo fatty degeneration and

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with such severity and with such a coarse, grating tone, that it has re-

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In tubercular peritonitis the pain is paroxysmal in character. Its onset

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sents no peculiarities. This period of incubation varies from a few days to

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the joint, together with local treatment about the joint, improving the

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Etiology. — The causes of waxy spleen are identical with those of waxy

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relieved, and the relieving of this congestion of the inflamed cord

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these parenchymatous changes depend, we are led to believe that the spe-

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bacteria. In septicemia these pyogenic micro-organisms develop at such

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eration, and ulcers formed by the bursting of small abscesses, are the chief

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kept in bed and some of the vegetable astringents, as catechu or haematoxy-

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Otorrhcea, or inflammation of the external ear, is another sequela of

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Laryngeal Tuberculosis and Syphilis. — In these diseases, no local

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Rupture of the larynx and Trachea is the result of severe local in-

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Union. — In fracture of the surgical neck, union is bony, and the

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months of anaemia and exhaustion, terminates in death. The same is true

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say can produce it, is very common. Two cases arc recorded in which the

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condition in which there is an abnormal blood supply and abnormal

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casts of segments of the lower bowel, are voided in the diarrhceal dis-

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after the first vreek the radial pulse becomes imperceptible for seyeral days

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Eanula. — Eanula is a bluish -white, semi- translucent, ovoid tumor

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remove and remain in a non-malarial one. This reawakening of the mala-

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occurs, or they may become encysted and cease to give any indication of

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and are discharged in one case with much more force than in the other.