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in varying proportions, the cystic element consisting of one or
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times to one side only, or to a particular limb. After death, in addi-
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diminutions or obliterations, to dilatations, to tortuosities, to
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exercising every possible care in avoiding the mistral, that single
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comes languid, and loses his flesh and spirits. A slight cough comes on, which is
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strength, but who are suffering exhaustion rrom febrile excitement.
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the middle lobe was involved, and in the second week the lower
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It has been the custom of some clinicians to starve these cases
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man there can be no donbt ; but we cannot positively say that the
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the food before it is swallowed. And the working of young children twelve to
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bility of a syphilitic infection of the aorta must be considered.
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with so uticipation to a happy meeting of friends and relatives beyond
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Music cheers alike tho young and old, tho well and the unwell ; it relieves the
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Art. XV. — The Principles and Practice of Medicine : designed
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time to time recorded the occurrence of this rapid healing. The
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tention to the patients and administering proper aids to nature, the symptoms have
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signals : — ^The closing of a current by pressure on a so-called
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After a brief notice of the medical topography of the island,
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collected material from our hospital oooks for clinical and patho-
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" 1. That the actual fertility increases from the commencement
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is worth consulting as a record of personal experience after many
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practice self-pollution, and more or less impair the strength of their systems ; and if
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and others, as having recommended this practice ; and more lately
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the recto- vaginal cul-de-sac by an examination, for the finger
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promptly removed from the locality. It was high time ; for five
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nosis of diabetes. The most probable interpretation was that
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occur in Bociety. The natural passions seeking gratification — and which cannot be
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upon the necessity of early treatment, and particularly of the
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point to its intimate connection with derangement of the ganglionic
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and in consequence of its success in these affections Dr. Brown
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through Orsova, between the East and Vienna, is very conciderable,
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practical observation — having probed the very secrets of disease, and become pos-
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swelling, caused by the contusion or rupture of the bursa ; or, as a
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region of the stomach, loss of appetite, and, above all, a sparing
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A Climeal Diteusfum on the Cesarean Section^ and its eUimg e» an