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Graefe's cases, fright, etc., it seems certain some very unusual process must

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Milts iii<' iiilsiii lii'il iiiiii'li rrioi'i' fii'cly tli.'iri tlicy woiilil In- if the prucfss

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itself — as is seen especially in the cervical region — or referred to the dis-

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{American Joxtrnal of the Medical Sciencee, 1805, cix, 409.)

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would soon \>f liahiiHM'd liy flu' tficatcr woikiiin tl1lcicm-y of tli,- tiitn,


would be the daily output of a patient with this form of disease. The specific

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and their products; once the individual leaves the region, there being no

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The afferent arteries, the vasa recta, the efferent vessels, the intertubular

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iitratiiin nl' the iiinaiy cnnstitneiits in tlie IiIimmI and llie urine lias

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I'Mctioii may ajrain develop (see patfc ."lO.'i). On account of these facts it

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the edges of the femur or tibia. In the hip-jomt these may be marked and

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wi'aki'i' suliitiuii, am! wain' will ililTiisr still iiiuii' ipiirkly i lii'i-aiisi- its

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later (1860) advocated giving Graves' name to the disease. Before that time

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often show marked permanent changes, the wrists and shoulders much less.

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ti'iitli (liiriiii; inspiiatiiiii sliil'ls iiinrt' aiii! inin'c fimu tlic aiiliTim' to \\

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no local tenderness. Appendicitis, gallstone colic, or renal colic is suspected,

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joy, in short, that passions had brought on this al-

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tlii'V iniiiinlialrlv iitnni to tlirir miirinal pnsitinn w lii'ii tin' cili'ii'iil

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not efficiently act on the food. When alonir with sias there is also aton\

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began to spread down the arm, and the fingers and hands became red and

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is usually 1020 to 1030. The absence of albuminuric retinitis and of typical

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(>. I'nd^i jiri-i'IiTJitiny liy.liiilv sis nl' ni'ca tii .■iiriiiiuiiiiiiii i-iulMiii;iti'

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of asthenia, vomiting, constipation and diarrhoea, pain m the abdomen and

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be communicated inflammation to the sciatic nerve the diagnosis of neuritis

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although it is questionable whether this b really a contributory cause.

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ji ,,f ;i .JIM II .Icriihir \MiIiT\ s.ihili r .-a 111- sii'.-ar f ''\1 um. I" lli'' li'''"''

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thelial celb, many of them showing marked degenerative changes and covered

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vary .still more in man, with his m..r<' highly complicated nervous system.

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hypertrophied. All these variations from the normal fiber these authors

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of six in which every individual had a deforming arthritis of the slow pro-

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duction of water from a non-goitrous region in 1884 was followed by a gradual

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